st. michael

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reconstruction of architecture
(st. michael`s church in fulda)
based on 3d Laserscandata compared with image-based- modeling

supported by:

m-innovations, leica geosystems, grad & gon, geomagic, vision-n

software used:

cyclone, geomagic, maya, photoshop, mental ray,
mudbox, xNormal, fusion

hardware used:

hds 6000 & scanstation2


720px (size: 52mb format: mov) 360px (size: 15mb format: mov)


image(s) on the left show(s)
a view from entrance trough
nave in rotunda.
(in order of apperance they show
the rendered image, wirerframe and
the raw pointcloud)

during two days on location
we captured a lot of different pointclouds with two scanners.
finally that results in a combined cloud of 1.2 milrd. points using nearly 30 gig. of hd space.